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Sustainable School Travel

Sustainable Modes of Travel to School

Sustainable Modes of Travel to School

Devon County Council welcomes the guidance from the DCFS on the local authority’s duties and powers relating to sustainable school travel, and the provision of school travel arrangements for children and young people (Home to School Travel and Transport Guidance DfES 2007).
The Devon Strategic Plan sets out an aspiration for Devon to be England’s greenest county where young people have a good start in life. Specifically it declares its intention to:
“Develop healthier and safer alternatives to car travel for pupils travelling to and from school…..”
The Devon Sustainable School Travel Strategy published below sets out the detail of how this may be achieved.

Download the Sustainable School Travel Strategy 2013 image - PDF icon (252KB - pdf help)

Existing Council policy for provision of home to school transport is published on our School Transport pages


Views are welcomed about the approach Devon is taking to realise the aspiration for a reduction in home to school car travel.
Comments can be emailed to the Sustainable School Travel Team at stplans@devon.gov.uk

It is intended that the Strategy be reviewed and updated every year.

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