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Sustainable School Travel

Start a Walking Bus

A walking bus is an excellent way for children to be able to walk to school, even if parents are unable to accompany them on every occasion. It allows them to develop their ability to safely use pavements and crossings while supervised by adults, take regular healthy exercise, arriving awake, alert and ready for school. Devon County Council provides support for parents and schools who wish to set up walking buses with road safety advice on routes,training, safety equipment and insurance ( for approved bus routes and persons). Children enjoy walking to school and it benefits them in many ways. The other vital ingedient is the support of parents, both to encourage and allow their children to take part and if possible to assist themselves.

The downloadable information below explains in more detail how they work , what needs to be done to set one up, how they should be run and who to contact for assistance in doing so.

Walking Bus Guide image - PDF icon (1.01MB - pdf help) - Leaflet to print and distribute

Setting up a Walking Bus image - PDF icon (36KB - pdf help) - Simple Steps "How To"

Walking Bus Rules image - PDF icon (82KB - pdf help)

Walking Bus Consent image - PDF icon (84KB - pdf help)

Pedestrians often do not realise how hard they are to see in the poor light and weather conditions which are commonplace in winter. High visibility clothing is an essential aid to safety for walking to school.

The School Travel Plan Team can assist with general travel issues and incentives to help launch your bus. Contact details are on our home page.

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