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Sustainable School Travel

Geographical Information System (GIS)


The information about how your pupils travel to school, collected  for each school census is now available for you to view online with our GIS viewer and there are many ways that both you and your pupils may use this:

As real,relevant graphically presented information for projects in the curriculum

As a GIS to use for the Geography KS3/4 curriculum  Request a copy of our GIS DVD with video of an enquiry day and fieldwork, resources , SoW and llinks to the National Secondary Strategy

As an ICT resource to integrate into the curriculum

As a tool to help you create a travel plan if you do not have one

As a tool to help monitor,update and develop your travel plan if you do have one

Examples of the maps are shown below.  You will be able to use the GIS to view maps and aerial photographs of anywhere in Devon with or without travel data

1) Initial view of Devon  2) A school selected showing travel data  3) A more local view after a zoom

The first map you will see              School selected showing travel data              zoomed in closer

   4) Zoom in some more      5) And some more           6)Zoom enough and an aerial view appears

       A further zoom        And more    An aerial appears at less than 10,000 to 1

You can do much more than just look There is online help explaining the various icons function in the toolbar on the screen ( not shown)and you can also download  instructions from our webpage.
DOWNLOAD YOUR INSTRUCTIONS HERE image - PDF icon (167KB - pdf help)

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