Sustainable School Travel

School Travel Plan Template and Road Safety Guidelines

Before starting developing your School Travel Plan, please ask for advice and support from your Sustainable and Safer Travel Fieldworkers by contacting us at or by telephone on 0845 155 1004.

We have a School Travel Plan Template and guidance to help you put your plan together.  Download them by following the links below.

Download the School Travel Plan Template here

Download the Guidance Notes here image - PDF icon (87KB - pdf help)

You will also need the STP1 Engineering form if your plan requests engineering works on public highways (which many do).

Download the STP1 Engineering form here

If your school requires planning permission for any new developments you will need the appendix below.

Download the Planning Appendix here

You may find our Road Safety Guidelines useful and at some point may need to contact a Safer Travel Officer. See below for both of these.

Download an example of Road Safety Guidelines here.

To find the Safer Travel Officer in your area, please select the Road Safety Officer Map.

Once you have completed your School Travel Plan, please email a copy to us of all material in an electronic form ( or send a CD) and send a paper copy to the Sustainable and Safer Travel Field Workers at the address below:

Sustainable and Safer Travel Team
Devon Drivers' Centre

Devon County Council will be able to help with the implementation of your plan when we have received it.

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