Part 3 - User and Carer Services

3.9 Supporting People and Housing

1. Achievements 2001- 2004 and Key Actions for 2004/05

What we have achieved through the Strategic Programme (2001-2004) Actions to Improve Performance (2004 - 2005)

1. To ensure a wider choice of support services, focused in areas of greatest need

Worked with Commissioners and Providers of services to look to expanding the supported housing sector across all client groups.

Significant expansion occurred within the sector securing Supporting People grant of £20.5 m. Exeter directly employed a Transitional Housing Benefit Maximisation Officer.

Undertook comprehensive supply mapping exercise.

635 support services mapped across Devon, provided by 163 providers.

Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions (DTLR) needs assessment methodology not undertaken as Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) pilot of national methodology was found to be flawed. ODPM has now passed this down to the local level.

Developed 5 year Supporting People Strategy outlining strategic direction

A one year 'shadow' Supporting People Strategy, was submitted to ODPM within the required time-scale.

  • Develop a local needs assessment methodology (possibly in partnership with other South West local authorities) and work with key stakeholders to undertake a needs assessment (September 2004.)
  • Produce a 5 year vision for the Supporting People Programme in line with ODPM Ministerial Steer (March 2005.)

2. To give service users a greater say in service delivery

Supporting People has been included within the Single Assessment Process (SAP) and work is underway on developing a Support Plan process for Supporting People clients.
  • To work with providers and ODPM to finalise the support plan process and continue to have input into the Single Assessment Process.
Established use of Direct Payments. 3 clients receiving a direct payment for Supporting People services and process agreed with Social Services Direct Payments Officer.
  • Direct Payments to be further extended.

Develop a service user involvement strategy spanning all decision making processes and ongoing quality monitoring, ensuring marginalised groups are engaged and empowered

  • Training to be received in this area.

3. To secure value for money, quality support services

Established a competitive market place by developing an accreditation and contracting framework for support services - linking to DCC systems where possible. (Achieved within the ODPM guidelines.) 'Mini' accreditation process adopted for the interim contract process. 232 interim contracts entered into.

Developed service review programme for 2003/04 - 2005/06. 634 services programmed into a 3-year review programme.

Developed quality standards and monitoring and review framework. ODPM guidance issued late 2002. Work ongoing.

  • To incorporate Supporting People contracting within the developing code of practice for Social Service procurement.
  • Provide training to providers on all processes (Ongoing).
  • Undertake programmed service reviews over 2004/05.

4. Promotion of holistic services through effective partnership working in the commissioning and delivery of services

Established Devon's Joint Commissioning Body in December 2001

Linked Supporting People to other health and social care agendas. Supporting People fully integrated within SAP and Fairer Charging processes

Develop clear, agreed Strategic Joint Commissioning processes between SSD, Housing, Health and Probation services (new objective.)

Explore options to integrate Supporting People into other joint commissioning frameworks via the Devon and Local Strategic Partnerships (June 2004.)

2. Medium Term Strategy to 2008

  • To develop a strategic planning and commissioning framework that is both mainstreamed within the Local Strategic Partnership structures within Devon, and flexible enough to meet the client specific joint commissioning requirements.
  • Continue to review and evolve our joint commissioning structures for Supporting People via the Countywide Housing Support Strategic Partnership and Joint Commissioning Body.
  • To continually develop and refine our five year Supporting People strategic 'vision' via annual up-dates.

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