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Social Work Education

The Enabling Work Based Learning (EWBL) Programme

The Enabling Work Based Learning (EWBL) Programme


This module can be accessed in a variety of ways as outlined below. As with other PQ programmes EWBL is provided and assessed by Bournemouth University and delivered by DCC, PCC staff.

The module can be used in the following ways:

  • A stand alone module that offers an opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of work in supporting other people's professional development, including Social Work students and Newly Qualified Social Workers.
  • As a module forming part of the Graduate Certificate in Practice Education: this programme contains 2 modules; the EWBL and the ‘Assessing a SW student’. NB. Decisions are yet to be taken regarding progression to the second module on this pathway.
  • A module that forms part of the Children and Families or Vulnerable Adults specialist PQ programmes.

EWBL is a required module within these programmes. If you are considering either of these programmes you are welcome to undertake the EWBL early with the option of applying for the remaining 3 modules for these programmes starting in Sept 2011. People who choose this route will need to have completed either a PQ1 or CPSP module in their specialist area of practice to be eligible to apply for the remaining 3 modules in these awards.

Programme outline

Over a 3 day programme (with 3 study days) this module will introduce you to the theoretical and practice base that underpins and informs the process of facilitating others’ learning and development It is particularly relevant to those undertaking the placement supervision of social work students but is equally applicable to those involved in either a contribution to or responsibility for the professional development of others, for example NQSW mentors, induction, etc

  • Workshop 1: Introduction to the module
    Organising opportunities for learning in the workplace
  • Workshop 2: facilitating learning
  • Workshop 3: assessing learning

The assessment of the module is in 2 parts:

  • (a) 1000 word descriptive assignment providing evidence against practice requirements
  • (b) 4000 word assignment: a critical analytical reflection on the candidate's practice in 3 main areas of enabling others learning

Assessment is undertaken by Bournemouth University tutors and ongoing tutor support is available

Student support:

Mentoring support is available throughout the programme on a request basis.

Selection process

Application to this programme is through application form with a candidate statement and line manager supporting statement.