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How to Enrol

Data Protection

As part of your contract with the Skills Funding Agency, we are required to capture and provide personal data from our learners. The following statement indicates how we use and manage this information.

Data Protection Act 1998

The information you provide will be passed to the Skills Funding Agency. The Skills Funding Agency is responsible for funding, planning and encouraging education and training for young people and adults in England, and is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. The information you provide will be shared with other organisations for the purpose of administration, careers and other guidance, and statistical and research purposes. Other organisations with which we will share information include, the Department for Children, Schools and Families, the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills, Connexions, Higher Education Statistics Agency, Higher Education Funding Council for England, educational institutions and organisations performing research and statistical work on behalf of the Skills Funding Agency or its partners. The Skills Funding Agency also administers the learner registration service (LRS) which will use your information to create and maintain a unique learner number (ULN). The Skills Funding Agency is also a co-financing organisation and uses European Social Funds from the European Union to directly or indirectly part-finance learning activities, helping develop employment by promoting employability, business spirit and equal opportunities, and investing in human resources. Further information about partner organisations and the ULN and what they do, may be found at http://www.thedataservice.org.uk/About/dataprotection/

At no time will your personal information be passed to organisations for marketing or sales purposes. From time to time students are approached to take part in surveys by mail and phone, which are aimed at enabling the Skills Funding Agency and its partners to monitor performance, improve quality and plan future provision.

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The Learning Records Service Privacy Notice for learners

A brief and simple explanation of what this means to you …….

  • The information you supply will be used by the Skills Funding Agency to issue you with a Unique Learner Number (ULN).
  • This number will be used to create your own Personal Learning Record.
  • Your Personal Learning Record will include information about your qualifications, awards and training events and learning achievements which are part of the Qualifications and Credit Framework.  
  • It also means that information about your learning can be shared with others who have a responsibility for your education and training.
  • For further details about how the information you have provided to us will be used, please ask your careers, training or education advisor or refer to the Learning Records Service website: www.learningrecordsservice.org.uk/privacynotice
  • If you have still not reached the age of 16, you might first wish to discuss this privacy notice explanation with your parent or legal guardian.
  • The Chief Executive of Skills Funding is the legal representative of the Skills Funding Agency which funds some of the qualifications and training that you may be receiving through your college, training or learning provider.
  • Your Personal Learning Record will include information about your qualifications, awards and training events plus learning achievements that you may collect throughout your lifetime of learning – at all levels and also whilst you are working and learning.
  • The information that you provide to us will be passed to the Learning Record Service for the purpose of allocating you with a Unique Learner Number (ULN). This is a ten digit reference number and is unique and individual to yourself. Please keep this number in a safe place since you will need it during your lifetime, just like your National Insurance number.
  • It will also be used to create your own Personal Learning Record (PLR). This record will include information about your qualifications, awards, learning achievements and ‘credits’ which will be conveniently located in one online area for you and your advisors to refer to, with your permission. Your record will help you to confirm to others, what you have learned, where and when. It will also help you identify other areas of learning to help you progress towards your own goals. Please note that you will always be in control of who accesses your Personal Learning Record for the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). Only you can give them permission to view the information.
  • Your Unique Learner Number (ULN) will also be used to collect and share information amongst education related organisations. Such information includes qualifications, awards, certificates, work-based training and learning (this is also called achievement and participation data). Your Personal Learning Record will be a lifelong record of your participation, learning and achievement in education. Your Personal Learning Record will be accessible to you, plus to organisations linked to your education and any other organisations you allow to view your Personal Learning Record for the purposes of advice and guidance. This could include Next Steps, careers advisors, college registration and course enrolment staff and future employers if you give them access.
  • Your Personal Learning Record allows you and other organisations to check your own learning ‘credits’ achieved. One of the long term key benefits is that it will help you see how well you are progressing towards your own learning outcomes, training or qualifications and help you find alternative ways of reaching your own learning goals.
  • For further details of how your information is shared and used by the Learning Record Service and how to opt-out or modify who has access to your information please visit the Learning Records Service website at www.learningrecordsservice.org.uk/privacynotice

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The Data Service is supported by the Skills Funding Agency to act as a single, central point of information for further education. View their Data protection and Governance information here. The Learning Records Service Website
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DCC Data Protection Commitment Statement