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ScoMIS Services to Schools

Reload Service

Reload Service Header

In the event of unrecoverable data corruption; there may be a need to restore the computer to its correct state prior to the corruption.  This is known as a System Reload.

Scomis are able to provide a System Reload Service. The service is available for administration and curriculum servers as well as administration workstations.

Once the computer has been diagnosed as requiring a reload and any necessary hardware has been replaced, Scomis will arrange for the computer to be brought back to Great Moor House in Exeter for a full reload to be performed.  

Scomis Technicians will restore the computer, as closely as possible, to its correct state prior to the corruption.  Once completed, a Scomis Technician will return the computer to the school, reinstall it in your school's network and perform some final checks.

The time taken for this process varies depending on the type of computer and the type of backup media you use.  Details given below are based on the amount of days elapsed from collection of the computer, to returning it back to site.

Every effort will be made to ensure Scomis meet these service standards. Should circumstances prevent this, customers will be kept informed at all times.

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Turnaround times quoted for computers not utilising the Scomis Remote Backup Service assume Scomis Technicians are able to recover data from the backup media supplied.

  • Administration Workstation Fileserver utilising the Scomis Remote Backup Service – 3 working days
  • Administration Workstation Fileserver using alternative backup solution – 5 working days
  • Dedicated Curriculum or Administration Server utilising the Scomis Remote Backup Service – 5 working days *
  • Dedicated Curriculum or Administration Server using alternative backup solution – 7 working days *

* Please note the timescale would be subject to the amount of data to be restored from the back up media.

For the latest prices please contact the Scomis Service Desk.  The price for the service do not include the costs of any hardware or delivery. Scomis will detail costs separately before proceeding with the Reload Service.  Please note that:

  • Stone Administration Workstation Fileservers purchased and installed by Scomis are entitled to one free reload within one year of the installation date.
  • Computers requiring a reload should not be more than 5 years old – (Scomis deem it is not economically viable to repair computers of this age). Dedicated curriculum or administration server requiring a reload must be using a minimum of MS Windows Server 2003 or above.

* Scomis can offer a Reload Service for computers falling outside of these criterion, however, prices and timescales may differ to those listed above.

For more information please refer to the brochure below:


Effective Date

2015-16: Other Scomis Services Brochure image - PDF icon (148KB - pdf help)

1st April 2015