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Is the data on your laptops fully secured?  This data can easily be accessed by unathorised people if the laptop is lost or stolen.  Scomis' solution ensures hard drives are encrypted and also allows recovery of forgotten passwords at no extra charge, which other solutions may not include.

Schools should all be aware of the need to make sure all Administrative and Teacher laptops, and any memory sticks issued, are encrypted as part of your legal obligation to take appropriate technical and organisational measures against unauthorised or unlawful processing and accidental loss of personal data.  Loss of personal data can be a serious breach of your obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.  The Information Comissioner can impose monetary penalties of up to £500,000 on organistations that commit serious breaches of the eight data protection principles.

Much of the data on schools' laptops is of a sensitive nature and the protection of this should be top prority.  Devices in schools with the highest risk are typically all Administration and Teacher laptops.  In line with the Department for Education best practice advice Scomis recommend these devices are encrypted using Full Disk Encryption

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The service comprises of two simple charges:

*Please contact Scomis for the latest prices.

Once you have decided how many devices you need encrypting, please fill out the on-line order form.

Once we have received your order, you will receive an email with links to the documentation to assist in planning the rollout in your school, then later an email with your installation key so you can begin deployment.  Please note that only after you have deployed the encryption on the relevant laptops does the data on the laptop's hard drive become secure and unreadable in the event it is stolen.  The Scomis Encryption Service does not protect data that is taken off or sent from the relevant laptop (for example an external media device or email).

To find out more information please refer to the Scomis Encryption Service brochure;

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2015-16: Scomis Encryption Service brochure image - PDF icon (134KB - pdf help)

2016-17: Scomis Encryption Service brochure image - PDF icon (208KB - pdf help)

1st April 2015

1st April 2016

More detailed FAQs can be found on our FAQ site.  If you have any questions, not answered by the frequently asked questions above, or you would like to find out our latest prices, please log a call with the Scomis Service Desk on 01392 385300.

Alternatively see our Password Data Security Special image - PDF icon (361KB - pdf help) (more issues of Password can be found here)