Scomis Services to Academy or Free Schools

Scomis has a proven history of providing a range of quality ICT support services including Capita SIMS, Capita FMS, curriculum management software, Microsoft Office products, network management, managed services, and bespoke infrastructure solutions. Scomis is responsible for supporting nearly 600 South West schools, covering over 24,000 PCs and nearly 96,000 pupils and staff. Our services are delivered through a telephone based Service Desk, the Website, a hosted data centre, remote connectivity, centre based training and a range of consultancy and other services provided at your location.

Finance services
Becoming an academy will mean fundamental changes in financial arrangements and processes. Scomis is able to guide you through these developments and provide solutions and advice on financial structures and reporting.  For more information please see the Finance Services for Academies page

Managed services
Our portfolio of managed services is extensive and can provide peace of mind when all else around you is changing!

Additional services
Additional to our finance and managed services are a range of Scomis activities that provide your school with tools to develop and change with new systems, technology, legislation and governance.


Email:  Tel. No.: 01392 385300  Fax: 01392 385302