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School Workforce Census (SWC)

This is a Statutory Return, required by the DfE from all schools, regardless of whether they are central, local payments or academy.  The date of collection will be set by the DfE but is usually the first thursday in November.  Schools will then have a couple of weeks to check their data and send it to the DfE via the COLLECT software.

There is a routine within SIMS that collects the data required for this return.  It is activated underneath Routines - Statutory Returns - School Workforce Census and will interrogate SIMS Personnel, Curriculum and other areas of SIMS as required to assemble the information.  As part of the process, it will apply validation rules against the collected data and give you a list of any errors and/or queries that need to be investigated.  Errors must be cleared before the Return can be submitted but Queries can be sent through, providing notes are given to explain them via COLLECT after submission.

A full list of the Error and Query codes for the SWC Return 2014 will be made available as soon after publication as possible.

Scomis offer a refresher, half-day presentation on SWC, usually around the beginning of October, which goes through the basic collation, any changes to the data required for the relevant year and any updates required to the software to enable the routine to be run successfully.  Please check our training directory for dates, spaces and venues.

SWC Return 2014

The Return date for 2014 is 6 November 2014, with a deadline of submission to the DfE of the first week of December 2014.

Central and Local Payment Schools - Devon

Central and Local Payment Schools will send in their data via RM SecureNet and the Local Authority will upload it to the COLLECT software.  This is carried out overnight and therefore the schools will be able to login to COLLECT on the following working day to add their notes on errors and queries.  More help with the COLLECT software can be found here.

The submission deadline for Devon LA will be linked here as soon as they available.

If you have any queries with what you should be including, please email and the team will be happy to work with you through the queries/errors as detailed.  

Central and Local Payment Schools - Plymouth

Plymouth schools use the COLLECT software to upload their information.

Please contact the Plymouth Team on 01752 307503 or via email at

Further information specific to Plymouth schools can be found here.  Scomis is not responsible for any information provided by this website.

Central and Local Payment Schools - Torbay

If you have any issues or queries please contact Lesley Gibbings 01803 208916 or by email at

Further information specific to Torbay schools can be found here.  Scomis is not responsible for any information provided by this website.

Academies - All

Academies will need to upload their data direct to COLLECT themselves.  It is recommended that this is carried out overnight as the procedure can take a long time to transfer.  

If you have any queries, pleae contact the DfE direct on


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