Administration in maintained schools


You may be aware from previous years of the need to collect information to allow the completion of the P11d return. The Authority is required to make a return to HM Revenue & Customs by the 6 July giving them details of taxable payments / benefits in kind that employees have received as a 'cash equivalent' amount.

Also by 6 July the Authority must have given the same information to employees. The costs of not meeting these requirements are heavy. The late supply of information to the Revenue or the employee can cost £300 initially then £60 per day per employee. Incorrect information can also cost £3000 per employee.

To meet these requirements it is essential that accurate information is provided. We can centrally obtain the required information relating to travel claims processed through the central payments arrangements and for lease cars administered by us. However, there are a number of other areas where information is not available and we must seek returns from you

In order to meet deadlines please return the attached Declaration and Returns Forms by Friday 24th April 2015 indicating any benefits and details of these that employees are in receipt of.

Please note that there is a separate worksheet on the ‘P11d List of Benefits Schedule’ for Cars, Vans and Non Vehicle Expenses. We may require further details in order to submit the P11d. This should be signed and returned even in the case of a nil return.

Returns should be either sent by post to; Devon County Council, Education and Learning People Finance Team, Room 180, County Hall, Topsham Road, Exeter EX2 4QD, or emailed to

Further information and forms