Schools Funding Reform - Funding Arrangements for 2013/14


On 27 June 2012 the Secretary of State for Education announced the final arrangements for funding schools from 2013/14.

This is the next step towards a national funding formula which is simpler, fairer and more transparent.

All local authorities have been working on ensuring their local formula complies with the new requirements, whilst as the same time reflecting local needs.

We are now consulting on the implementation of the reforms through the local formula

The consultation for mainstream schools will run from 4 September to 17 September. Information and consultation events will be held across Devon:

Each event will host 2 sessions:

A separate consultation for High Needs and Special Schools funding arrangements will run concurrently from  4 September to 18 September with a single information and consultation event:

Schools are encouraged to share their views with us through the consultation response form.

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