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Occupational Tests

Personality Questionnaires

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An Introduction to Personality Questionnaires

  • Personality Questionnaires are concerned with people’s typical or preferred way of behaving, such as, the way they relate to others, or the way they approach and solve problems.  
  • They explore a broad range of work-related personality characteristics.  When used with other assessment methods they help to ensure a thorough exploration of someone’s suitability to a particular job.

How and when will I complete the Questionnaire?

There are a number of different questionnaires.  It is likely that you will be asked to complete the questionnaire online in advance of the interview.  You will be sent a link and a username which will take you to the questionnaire.  Set aside half an hour where you will have a quiet space and will not be disturbed.  If you are unable to access a computer, please contact the Occupational Testing Team and alternative arrangements will be made for you.

Some Useful Information

The questions are concerned with how you typically behave at work

Although there is no time limit, you should work quickly rather than pondering at length over any one question, your initial reaction is likely to be most accurate.

It is a questionnaire and not a test so there are no right or wrong answers

People who try to guess what is wanted may give an impression of themselves which doesn’t fit in with other information

You will be offered the chance to discuss the outcome of the questionnaire.

The questionnaire is about your personality style.  It is not about ability   

The results form only part of an assessment and will be interpreted alongside other information