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Cathedral Close Consultation

Managing Access

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The effective management of traffic is one of the keys to creating good pedestrian spaces. Where authorities rely on access only signage with exemptions, these are frequently abused.

It is therefore proposed to:

  • install a hydraulic bollard in the carriageway, operated remotely from the City Centre Control Room with voice and visual communication.
  • impose restricted access from 10am to 4.30pm, with exemptions for:
     - guests arriving at the Royal Clarence with luggage and when departing.
     - essential disabled access.
  • further exemptions for statutory undertakers and emergency vehicles would be provided alongside a permit system to deal with unavoidable daytime access requirements.
  • Broadgate paved in Yorkstone and protected by bollards so that it is permanently traffic free.

Service vehicles accessing Cathedral Yard would enter from South Street.

Cathedral Close Consultation
Automated Bollard

Diameter: 300mm
Height:     450mm
Weight:    50Kg
Depth:      820mm

Constructed from a solid block of granite around a steel core, the Duchess Manual Bollard is fitted with a gas operated spring for ease of operation.

Cathedral Close Consultation

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