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Land Charges

National Land Information Service

NLIS is a government initiative encouraging local authorities to modernise systems in order to deliver Local Land Charges Searches electronically.  NLIS are revolutionising land and property searches in England and Wales by providing ready made Internet based infrastructure that allows Local Authorities search requests to be submitted and responded to on-line.

This allows Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers who have registered with NLIS to submit search requests by filling in electronic forms. Devon County Council only receive form CR21 for searches of the registers for Common Land and Town or Village Green via NLIS. The LLC1 and CON29 are sent to the District Council .

The Land Charges Section of Devon County Council is currently at level 2 of NLIS. We are able to receive searches of Common Land and Village Greens electronically and are able to return the searches electronically direct to the Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer. The search is usually returned within 24 hours using NLIS.