Devon Structure Plan

Joint Structure Plan Committee

This Committee reports to the  Executive Committee

What does the Joint Structure Plan Committee do?

Devon County Council, Plymouth City Council, Torbay Borough Council and Dartmoor National Park Authority are responsible for monitoring and reviewing strategic planning policies in Devon.

Responsibilities / Activities

  • To agree public participatory processes including any ‘Issues or Options’ document, the Deposit Plan and Modifications. (Final adoption of the Reviewed or Altered Plan would rest with each of the four Constituent Authorities).
  • To undertake and consider the responses to statutory, public and other consultations on the matters of specific relevance to the Structure Plan.
  • To monitor the approved/Adopted Plan, including preparing reports on progress to the Constituent Authorities.
  • To agree key tasks to be undertaken by the Officer Steering Group, including a long term work programme.
  • To advise the Constituent Authorities in relation to consultations in respect of adjoining Structure Plans.

What happened at the last meeting ?

See Committee Minutes and Agendas for more information.

Committee Membership:

Devon County Council:

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Plymouth City Council:
Cllr. Mrs J Nelder
Cllr. G W Wheeler
Torbay Council:
Cllr. Colin Charwood
Dartmoor National Park Authority:
Cllr. Christine Marsh

Enquiries about the administration of the Joint Committee, including meetings, arrangements and procedures may be made to the Structure Plan Section:


01392 382275