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Devon Structure Plan

List of Policies

Sustainable Development Strategy 
S1aRegional and Sub-Regional Centres22
S1bArea Centres22
S1cTowns with strategic development role23
S2Local Centres23
S3Minimising Use of greenfield sites24
S4Controlling development in the countryside24
S5Settlement Self Sufficiency24
 Conservation and Enhancement  
C2Landscape character and local distinctiveness32
C3National Parks33
C4Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty33
C6Areas of Great Landscape Value33
C7The Coast34
C9Enhancing the urban environment36
C10Regeneration and revitilisation37
C11Historic settlements and buildings38
C13Biodiversity and earth science diversity40
C14Conservation of important sites and features43
C15Conservation of important sites and features43
C17Conservation of protected species43
C18Waste management hierarchy45
C19Waste management facilities45
C20Waste to energy and landfill45
C21Management of waste generated by development45
C22Conserving Energy Resources45
C23Renewable energy developments46
C24Protecting Water Resources46
C25Derelict land47
C26Contaminated land47
C27Agricultural land48
C28Soil resources48
C29Air Quality48
C30Noise Pollution48
 Transportation (A) 
T1Integrated transport strategy51
T2Hierarchy of modes51
T3Walking and cycling53
T5Public transport network54
T6Bus and coach services55
T7Rail services and new developments56
 Transportation (B) 
T8Rail improvement schemes58
T9Park and Ride58
T10Devon Road Network60
T11High Quality Road Network60
T12Highway programme63
T13Management of the urban road network64
T14Management of car parking65
T15Roadside service areas65
T19Access from development onto the highway network68
T22Exeter airport69
T23Plymouth airport69
H1Housing provision74
H2Phasing of strategic provision75
H3Settlement hierarchy and distribution of development75
H4Housing in Rural Areas75
H5Residential Densities76
H6Affordable Housing76
H8Provision for Gypsies76
H9Site and locations of sites for Gypsies76
 Employment (A) 
E1Settlement hierarchy and distribution of development84
E2Employment development in rural areas84
 Employment (B) 
E3Employment Land Provision85
E4Safeguarding Employment Land86
E5Tourism development in resorts89
E5aTourism development in main settlements (other than resorts)89
E6Tourist development in Rural Areas89
E7Touring parks and camping sites90
E8Tourist village development91
E9Visitor Attractions91
E10Major recreational facilities (and golf courses)92
E11Access to Facilities93
E12Development on Estuaries93
E13Public Rights of Way94
E14Safeguarding Mineral Resources96
E15Environmental Effects of Mineral Working97
E16Mineral development in National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty97
E17Mineral Working Areas97
E18Aggregate Minerals98
E19Secondary and Recycled Materials98
E20Shopping facilities (sequential approach)99
E21Shopping facilities and settlement hierarchy100
E23Retail Warehouses101
E24Shopping Facilities in Rural Settlements101
E25Large Food Stores102
 New Communities 
N1New Community in South Hams District104
N2New Community in East Devon District104
N3Concept of New Community105
N4Implementation of New Community Proposals106
N5New Community Setting106

NOTE: Policies C1, C5, C16, T4, T17, T18, T21, T24, H7 and E22 were formally deleted prior to the adoption of the Structure Plan and therefore not included in the policies listed.