Wildlife and Geology Planning Guidance

Further sources of information / publications

If there is guidance on specific issues that could usefully be included here please email sarah.jennings@devon.gov.uk.


Wildlife records / data:

  • Devon Biodiversity Records Centre (DBRC) holds information on protected and priority species and habitats (including survey information for County Wildlife Site designations).  Note however that information held on species is not comprehensive and this data is not a substitute for a survey (e.g. information may not be available for unsurveyed sites). Contact DBRC on 01392 274128 or request a data search for more information.


Legislation, policy and protected habitats and species:

Useful Tools:

  • Interactive Bat Protocol - this provides a very useful reminder of how to deal with European Protected Species issues from the pre-application stage through to determination and construction.
  • Biodiversity Planning Toolkit - an on-going project that provides useful information on species, habitats, legislation etc. Example case studies available
  • Wildlife Survey Calendar - it is important that surveys are timetabled into your project plan in order to avoid wasting time and money


Devon Guidance:


Survey and Mitigation Guidance Publications:

The following publications provide guidance on protected species and information on survey methodologies, assessment of impacts, and mitigation measures.


Phase 1 habitat survey




Common Toads


Great Crested Newts



Water Voles

White-clawed crayfish