Mid Devon Area

Crediton Rolling Farmland

Nomansland on A3072 looking West

A ‘typical’ Devon landscape characterised by a harmonious patchwork of fields, thick hedges, red soil, deep lanes and attractive villages. This productive, settled agricultural landscape contrasts with the looming mass of Dartmoor, which forms the southern horizon in many views, particularly from the south of the area. Views are often restricted by hedgebanks, but where they occur they are often panoramic. The landscape is diverse, with irregular, often rounded hills dissected by small but well-marked valleys, lending a small scale and intimate appearance to the landscape. The long east-west ridge of the Raddon Hills forms a distinctive landmark, particularly in views from the southern part of the Exe valley.

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Crediton Rolling FarmlandThis area comprises the rolling agricultural land to the north west of Crediton. To the north and north-east respectively are gradual transitions to the Witheridge and Rackenford Moors and the Cruwys Morchard Wooded and Farmed Valleys. To the south is a gradual transition to the lower land of the Yeo, Culm and Exe Lowlands. The High Taw Farmland lies beyond the River Yeo to the west.


Constituent Landscape Character Types

Constituent LCTs:1E: Wooded Ridges and Hilltops. 3B: Lower Rolling Farmed and Valley Slopes, 3C: Sparsely Settled Farmed Valley Floors, 3H: Secluded Valleys, 7: Main Cities and Towns.
Part of NCA:148: Devon Redlands, 149: The Culm


Distinctive Characteristics



Special Qualities and Features:

Forces for Change and Their Landscape Implications:

Past and Current




Overall Strategy:

To protect the landscape’s traditional rural character and undeveloped ridgelines, and to maintain and enhance its role within the setting of Dartmoor National Park.  The area’s ‘patchwork’ agricultural landscape is retained and its biodiversity enhanced.  Trees, woodlands, hedgerows and hedgebanks are well managed.  The area’s remarkably rich built heritage, including numerous historic villages, farms and houses is protected and kept in use.