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Grand Western Canal


The Country Park is a popular place to enjoy an flat, easy walk in the countryside, with the opportunity to stroll near settlements and services or to get away from it all and explore the quieter sections beside the northern half of the canal.

walkersThe canal towpath is a public right of way that runs beside the canal for the full eleven and a half miles. The towpath has been extensively resurfaced although there are still some sections that are muddy in the winter. Access points are located throughout the length of the Country Park.

Picnic sites are located at the Canal Basin in Tiverton, Crownhill Bridge, Tiverton Road Bridge, Greenway Bridge, Sampford Peverell, Whipcott Bridge and Lowdwells.

If feeding ducks, please limit the amount they are fed to small amounts and if possible use proper duck food or wholemeal bread.

Circular Walks

The canal provides a long linear walk along the towpath, which is connected to a number of circular walking routes including:

They are all easy to moderate walking through some very attractive Mid Devon countryside. They are taken from a leaflet produced by Mid Devon District Council.

As well as the circular walks described above, the towpath aslso for,s part of two long-distance walks: Two Counties Way and the Mary / Michael Pilgrims Way.

         Sampford Peverell Picnic Site

Dog Walking

Family Walking
  • Dogs are welcomed, but must be kept under control at all times.
  • Dogs must be kept out of adjacent farmland.
  • Dogs must be kept away from waterbirds, especially during the nesting season in the spring and early summer.

Dog fouling is a serious issue in the Country Park. Not only is it a health hazard for children, unsightly, and disgusting to walk in, but it is significantly changing the fertility of the banks, leading to more nettles and less wildflowers.

  • Dog mess bins are provided at access points throughout the length of the canal and dog owners must pick up and remove any mess their dog makes.

The Country Park is regularly patrolled by MDDC enforcement officers who will issue £80 on the spot fines to any dog owner failing to remove their dog’s mess. The maximum fine is £1000.

Visitors to the Country Park are encouraged to report any dog owners they witness failing to remove their dog’s mess - particularly regular offenders. Please telephone 01884 234382 with a description of the dog/owner/vehicle, the time and the location.

Did you know?

There are regular bus routes that pass the canal. To find out details of timetables for these services, please contact

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