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Devon has more hedges remaining than any other county in the UK, reflecting its large size, its pastoral landscape and the favourable management and agricultural systems adopted by local farmers. It is estimated that there are 53,000 km (33,000 miles) of hedge still in the county, and that we have about 20% of all the species-rich hedges left in the UK.

Devon's hedgebanks are an intimate element of the farmed landscape and over large areas of the county are the main refuge for a wide range of plants and animals - the "biodiversity". The successful conservation of hedges is critical to that of Devon's characteristic landscapes and much of the county's wildlife.

What's new?

Ash Dieback disease threatens Devon’s hedged landscape – let’s record what we have before it’s too late. image - PDF icon (145KB - pdf help) Devon Hedge Group Press Release, 12 August 2013

Ash dieback looks set to have a major impact on Devon’s countryside, much of which is defined by its rich networks of hedges.   Ash is one of our three main hedgerow trees, along with oak and beech, and makes up about one sixth (16%) of their shrubby growth.  If the ash goes, and evidence from the continent suggests we will lose 90% of them, then our landscape will change dramatically. Find out what's happening and what you can do.

Devon Hedge Map image - PDF icon (4.79MB - pdf help)

Devon has an amazing variety of different types of hedge – more than any other county. This map will help you to find out what the main hedge types are in your part of the county, with information about their origins, wildlife and management. A large (A1) sized poster image - PDF icon (3.05MB - pdf help) is also available free of charge – if you would like a paper copy, please contact us. Find out how the map was prepared image - PDF icon (12KB - pdf help).

Oral History Highlights Videos
If you are interested in Devon hedges and our rural landscape, these two videos are essential viewing.

Mr Hedges, the Westcountry Rambler
This 8 minute rhyming story written and told by Clive Pig, professional storyteller, explains why hedges are so important for us.

The Higglety Pigglety Hedge
This 11 minute video story, also written and told by Clive Pig, is an amusing and entertaining account of why the hedge at the bottom of the garden is so much better for wildlife than a wooden fence ever would be.

Photographic and Art Competition Results
The winning entries for this successful competition

The Art of Devon Hedge Laying
Produced as part of the Green Veins and Lanes project, this short educational video looks at how hedge laying is different in Devon from the rest of the country.

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