The Nature of Devon - A Biodiversity and Geodiversity Action Plan

Front page of biodiversity action plan

These pages include the full text of The Nature of Devon: A Biodiversity and Geodiversity Action Plan published in July 1998, and revised in the spring of 2005, by the Devon Biodiversity Partnership.

This document is Devon's response to the national biodiversity planning process and takes the objectives and targets of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan and translates and amplifies these within a local context. It is intended to provide a consensus on the priorities for conservation action within Devon.

  • General Contents - Background information relating to Devon's wildlife and geology and the biodiversity action planning process.
  • The Action Plans - Separate action plans for 5 common themes, 20 key habitats and 20 key species.

The Devon Biodiversity Partnership

This partnership is a broad consortium of more than 50 organisations, including Devon's County, District and Unitary Authorities, Statutory Agencies, Farming, Land-Owning and Fisheries Representatives, Voluntary Conservation Organisations, Natural History Groups, Commercial Interests and Research Institutions.

This consortium has acted as Steering Group for the development of the Devon Biodiversity Action Plan, delegating the production of the Plan to a Working Group and a Biodiversity Project Officer.

A full meeting of the Devon Biodiversity Partnership was held at County Hall on 29th October 2008.  The main theme of the meeting was the various mechanisms being used to deliver the biodiversity outcome within the new Local Area Agreement.  There was also a presentation on the Devon Wildlife Trust’s ‘Working Wetlands’ project.