Slapton Line Diversion Routes


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Slapton Line

Slapton Line Diversion Routes

The consultation document proposes allowing minor lanes to be used as a one way system by local light traffic. It has also been identified that possible improvements could be made to existing signs and that passing places could be made.

The information pack can be downloaded section by section or as a complete document (please note that the complete pack is a large file and may take some time to download):

If you wish to make a comment regarding the suggestions, you may find it helpful to contact your Parish Council, alternatively you can send us a comment direct at

The Slapton Line Partnership have developed plans to:

  • Provide guidelines for dealing storm damage effecting the A379 Slapton Line
  • Ensure vital communication links between communities are provided as quickly as possible
  • Maintain public safety, nature conservation and the interest of landowners

The plan provides four levels of response to storm warnings and/or damage which are:

  1. Storm warning
  2. Shingle on road
  3. Minor damage to embankment or road
  4. Major damage to road

The plan below shows the diversions routes that are intended to be used should the A379 be closed for any periods where highlighted in red.

Diversion Routes A379 Slapton Line image - PDF icon (440KB - pdf help)