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Weights and Measures

Public Weighbridges

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Your weighbridge is considered to be a Public Weighbridge if it is open to members of the public to use to weigh vehicles, tractors, vans etc. which is not normally to do with your usual business.

  • Public weighbridges are available for use by businesses or the general public for the weighing of vehicles and objects where determination of a specific weight / load is important, including ensuring that vehicles are not overloaded.
  • They are operated by local businesses, and are generally sited at premises such as quarries, feed mills and docks. A fee is charged for each weighing carried out, which normally ranges from £5 to £10.
  • A document is required to be made out recording the details of each weighing – one copy is given to the person requesting the weighing, and the other is retained by the weighbridge operator.
  • We test Public weighbridges for accuracy on a regular basis. We also examine and issue certificates of competence to weighbridge operators, to show that they are competent to perform the role.
  • Follow the link for details of your nearest Public Weighbridge
  • We recommend that you phone the weighbridge before visiting for directions and cost, and to ensure that they will be operating at the time of your visit. If you are driving a particularly large vehicle, you should inform the weighbridge, to ensure that it will fit on their weighbridge plate.
  • We have included any known restrictions on the Public Weighbridge list but these are subject to change.

Weighbridge Operator Certification

Anyone who carries out public weighings is legally required to hold a certificate of competence from Trading Standards. These can include weighing of vehicles and / or objects.

Applicants will be tested by a Trading Standards Officer, to ensure that they have the relevant knowledge and practical skills to operate the weighbridge. They will also be required to demonstrate knowledge of the record keeping requirements.Succesful applicants will then receive a Public Weighbridge Operator Certiicate.

Please read the DCC Guidance on Public Weighbridge Operator Certification. Applicants should ensure that they have received sufficient training in the operation of the equipment.

When you are ready to apply, please complete the Application Form and return to us. An officer will then be in contact to arrange a date for the test.

Fee (as of 01/04/12)

A fee of £61 for the first operator and £46 for each subsequent operator is applicable (VAT exempt).

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