Policy and Resources Overview / Scrutiny

Committee Minutes

Mon Apr 03 2006


Councillor Hart (Chairman), Bray, Boote, Brock, Brook, Clatworthy, Fry, Hannaford, Hull, Mumford, Owen, Radford, Tucker, Way and Wragg.

Attending in Accordance with Standing Order 25 (1)

Councillor Greenslade

Attending in Accordance with Standing Order 25 (2)

Councillors Mrs Channon and Mrs Spence

*52 County Council Logo

(In accordance with Overview/Scrutiny Procedure Rules the Chairman of the Committee has called in the decision of the Chief Executive taken under delegated powers).

(Councillor Greenslade attended under Standing Order 25 (1) and spoke at the invitation of the Committee)

(Councillors Mrs Channon and Mrs Spence attended under Standing Order 25 (2) and spoke to this item).

The Chief Executive and Head of Corporate Communications reported on the background to the decision to adopt the new County Council logo. In February 2005, the Council had carried out a survey of public perceptions of the Council s communications, identity and branding. This had been followed by consideration of various alternatives by the Corporate Management Board and consultation with the political group leaders and other senior members. The cost implications and expected savings were outlined along with the need for a new easily printed, clearly legible modern logo to reflect priorities within the County Council s refreshed Strategic Plan.

The new logo would also supersede around 30 mini-brands which had been adopted by different elements of the County Council s services over the last few years. The traditional Coat of Arms would remain appropriate for various civic purposes.

The new logo would only be introduced as (for example) stocks of old stationery ran out and when signs and vehicles needed repair and replacement.

Members referred to the need for monitoring of costs and a further report in the future on actual savings achieved and the importance of consultation with all County Councillors on such matters.

It was MOVED by Councillor Way, SECONDED by Councillor Bray and

RESOLVED that this Committee welcomes the introduction of a new clear, Logo and believes that the Chief Executive has acted properly, within his powers.

(Note: In accordance with Standing Orders Councillors Boote, Brook, Clatworthy Mumford and Radford requested that their abstention from the vote be recorded)


The meeting started at 9.30 am and finished at 11.05 am

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Date Published: Mon May 08 2006