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Buckfastleigh Library

Fun, Fitness and Families

Audiobook logoInspired by the 2012 Olympiad, these recordings were made by the young people of Buckfastleigh. The youngsters were keen to find out how the older generation spent their leisure time when they were growing up. There are some fabulous memories in these vox pop - voice recordings - which are hosted on Audioboo. Have a listen and see if any strike a chord with you!

Fun, Fitness and Families - Memories of Outdoor Fun and Play

Track 1. Summers were longer & hotter
Track 2. Skating rabbit
Track 3. My name is Elvis Presley
Track 4. Tower blocks
Track 5. Sleeping on a regular basis
Track 6. Scaring the adults
Track 7. Dancing to the testcard
Track 8. Rough & tumble
Track 9. My dad went down the biggest one
Track 10. Chased by cows
Track 11. Special stones for hopscotch
Track 12. Building dens
Track 13. Belonging to the Brownies
Track 14: Zombies
Track 15: I think we're finished

Very special thanks to:

Buckfastleigh Primary School
The Over 60s Group
The Womens Institute
SoundArt Radio
Friends of Buckfastleigh Library
Buckfastleigh Library
Devon Libraries
Museums, Libraries & Archives

Recorded in Buckfastleigh between October 2010 and February 2011. Produced by SoundArt radio.