Reading Groups

Setting up a Reading Group

Things to think about

Reading groupsWho would you like to invite?

How big do you want your group to be and how often do you want to meet up?  Lots of groups meet monthly so they have enough time to read the book.

Many reading groups read the same book with occasional meetings where they do something different. But you don’t have to stick to this model.

Find out how your local library can help support your group - staff are always happy to help.

There are lots of good websites with information about authors and books, as well as online reading groups and magazines.  If you don’t have access to the Internet at home you can use the computers in your library.

Reading groups

Your first meeting

At the first meeting talk about how the reading group will work. How often will the group meet, where and when?

Reading Groups are a great way of getting people together - why not make it a social event?

Before you begin choosing your books you may want to get your group talking. Why not try one of the following ideas:

  • Desert island books - which 3 books would you take with you if marooned on a desert island?
  • Children's favourites - what did you enjoy reading or listening to when you where younger?
  • Room 101 - books you love to hate - which two books would you consign to room 101 and why?
  • Favourite book - ask each person to talk about their favourite book and why they enjoyed it.
  • Books on screen - how well do books adapt to the cinema? Is it better to read the book before seeing the film or do you do it the other way around?

When you have read your book

To get the group talking about the book, try asking the following questions:

  • Were you hooked straight away?
  • Did you skip any boring bits?
  • Who was your favourite character?
  • Would you read another title by this author?
  • What did you think of the ending ...and did you take a look before you actually finished?

Remember, everyone is entitled to their own views so don't take it personally if someone disagrees with you and hates the book you love!