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People with Specific Needs

The Makaton Collection


Makaton is a sign and symbol language programme for teaching communication, language and literacy skills to children and adults with communication and learning difficulties.  We have a small collection of Makaton material which is currently held at Teignmouth library.  Books, cassettes and videos from this collection are borrowable and reservable - and include the following items;

National Curriculum Series Part 1

Book of Symbols
Book of Signs
Video of Signs

Audio Cassette Sign Practice Tape

Sign Practice Tape


Reference Video

Book of Signs (line drawing illustrations)      

Book of Signs

Symbols for Makaton

Symbols for Makaton Core Vocabulary

Animals, Transport and Vehicles

Book of Symbols
Book of Signs
Video of Signs

Makaton Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes

Makaton Pictures 1 & 2

58 Photographs to use with the Makaton vocabulary programme

Makaton Pictures 3 & 4

49 mounted photographs to use with the Makaton vocabulary

Availability can be checked on our Library Catalogue

Further information can be found on the Makaton Project Website