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The British Museum

BBC Education: The Romans

You wouldn't want to be a Roman Gladiator

A detailed site with information on Ancient Egypt produced by The British Museum.Excellent site with lots of information compiled by the BBC. Suitable for Key Stage 2.Companion to the book which takes a light-hearted look at Ancient Rome.

You wouldn't want to be an Egyptian Mummy


Spelling with the Spellits


Companion to the book which takes a gruesome but funny look at what makes a mummy.Have some fun and improve your spelling with the Spellits! Part of the BBC Schools website.A guide to the world's major religions compiled by the BBC.


Ask for kids

Musical Mysteries


Topmarks Education

Search engine for kids.Musical Mysteries is a lively interactive site allowing pupils to have fun, while exploring basic musical concepts in sound, rhythm and mood.An extensive guide to hundreds of web sites which will help with homework in many different subjects; for all ages, including parents and teachers.

NASA Kids Club

Homework Elephant

Earth Science Explorer

NASA Kids Club. Part of the NASA web site: a chance to find out about space exploration.Over 5000 carefully selected resources to assist with your homework problems!A good site for finding out about Planet Earth, including a lot of information about dinosaurs.

Live the Physics

National Gallery of Art

Science Whatzit

An interactive web site which is aimed at school children but should also appeal to anyone with an interest in the subject.NGAkids interactives offer an entertaining and informative introduction to art and art history.An American site with answers to lots of common and not-so-common science questions. Browse the answers or ask your own questions.

Doc Brown's Chemistry Clinic


Science News for Kids


The Shape of Life

A growing non-commercial general help and revision site for GCSE, AS and A2 Chemistry. Revision notes, multiple choice tests, structured questions, graphics and extensive links to useful and interesting chemistry sites.An American site with articles on lots of different science topics, puzzles and games.The images on this site are simply incredible, and that is saying nothing about the fascinating evolutionary discussion