Chatterbooks Club

Tiverton Chatterbooks Club

The Tiverton Chatterbooks group meet when the moon is full and the wolves are howling (or once a month on tuesdays). Aged from 7 to 12 we talk about a new theme each month and then get started on an activity. We've made robot heads, talked about alien adventures, written medieval stories, decorated cupcakes, met a pirate, and much more.

Each month there's a special selection of books to choose from and borrow, plus biscuits and juice. The group is aimed at anyone who is interested in books and who likes talking, colouring, and making things from shiny paper and lots and lots of sellotape.

Tiverton Library
Phoenix House
Phoenix Lane

We meet once a month on Tuesdays, 4:45 - 5:45pm

Want to know more?
Please ring, email or come speak to us at Tiverton Library
Telephone: 01884 244644