My Library

My LibraryThere are 50 libraries in Devon and 8 mobile libraries so there's bound to be one near you!

So, what's in the library?

  • Stories for all ages
  • Information Books (Non-Fiction)
    For hobbies, homework or just fun!
  • Board Books
    Especially designed for babies.
  • Picture Books
  • Stories on CD
    For all ages, the children's ones are free to borrow for three weeks - wow!
  • Music CDs (in some libraries)
  • DVDs
    For all ages, there are loads of great titles to choose from for adults and children. These have to be borrowed on an adult ticket.
  • Computers
    If you are a library member - you can have 30 minutes free use every day - which can be extended for up to 1 hour for doing homework! If you are not a member you can get a guest ticket but there is a small charge for this (so why not join?)
  • Book Clubs meet in some libraries check out my Book Club page to see if there's one near you.

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Joining and using the library

Children's Library - DartmouthWhen you join your local library you'll get a really cool library ticket and a membership pack. All you need to do to join the library is pop along to the library and the librarian will sort it all out for you. You can even join online!

When little babies and children under 5 join they get a lovely ticket with a bear on it. If you are 5 or older you get a ticket with me on it. Ha! How cool is that!

You can borrow up to 12 books and 8 story CD sets for three weeks. These can be renewed for a further three weeks. Remember, bringing things back on time will save you having to pay a fine.

If there's something that you want, that you can't find on the shelf, just ask a member of staff and we may be able to reserve it for you (free of charge for books and spoken word). Why not check out the library catalogue for yourself?

If you're a teenager, you might like to check out the books in our teen collections. These books have gold stars on the spine (the bit you can see on the shelf, on the side of the book). Lots of adults like to read these too. There are loads of titles to choose from and don't forget you can reserve them free of charge.

There are story CD sets for young adults too, which are free to borrow (and reserve) for three weeks.