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Weather Watcher

Max Weather WatchersHave you ever noticed how much grown-ups talk about the weather?

‘It’s going to rain later’
‘Better take your coat in case it gets cold’

….all that sort of thing.

Now you and your family can join in with others and talk about the weather online, by joining the BBC Weather Watchers club.

You need someone in your family who’s 16 or older to sign up and keep an eye on your Weather Watchers posts. When you first log in you’ll be asked to say where you’ll be reporting the weather from and away you go!

Your report will be shown as a report card on a map on the website. You’ll be able to see who else is reporting the weather near you and keep an eye on the weather in other parts of the country too.

The best way to make your reports more interesting is to add a photo of the weather. Don’t worry if you haven’t taken a photo. You can still make a report and the BBC will put in a picture. You can put in as much or as little as you like about the weather, like how cloudy or windy it is and make up to 10 reports a day.

The BBC may use your photo and weather report on one of their TV weather forecasts. The more times you report and the nicer your pictures are, the more likely you are to get your report on TV.

There’s lots of interesting stuff on the Weather Watchers website about the weather and you can find out more on The Royal Meteorological Society’s website. I call it the Royal Met Sock – much easier to say and to spell too!

You can learn about the science behind the weather, what different clouds are called and how to make a rain gauge and lots more. If you visit my 'Making Stuff' page you can find out how to make a simple barometer which will help you measure the air pressure and maybe even predict the weather!

Have fun!