M@x checks the Library CatalogueHere you can find out exactly what libraries have got! You can’t see what’s in your library (you’ll have to go there!) but you can look up authors, titles, or even type in a few keywords and ‘hey-presto’ there’s your list. Once you’ve tracked down what you are looking for like a good blood hound you can see which library has got it and order it for FREE!

You can renew the books you have borrowed online if you get a special personal identification number or PIN (ouch!) – ask about this next time you visit the library. You can even reserve stuff online if you have one of those PINs.

Go on dive in and see what great reads are waiting for you!

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Download eBooks and audiobooksNew - eBooks and audiobooks! If you have a computer, eReader or other mobile device you can now download eBooks and audiobooks from the library for FREE! You can borrow them for 7, 14 or 21 days and once the time is up, they will automatically disappear so you don't even have to remember to take them back.

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