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Review by Briana, age 10 - Seaton Library

Briana receives her prizeHorrid Henry's Haunted House,

Reviewed by Briana, age 10 - Seaton Library

If you like comedy and mischief, this book is for you. Full of fun and adventure! Henry at his best!

Horrid Heny's Haunted House - Simon

Review by Hannah-Rachel, age 7 - Ottery St Mary Library

A Little Bit of Winter - StewartA Little Bit of Winter,

Reviewed by Hannah, age 7 - Ottery St Mary Library

I would like to recommend A Little Bit of Winter, as I think this is a good book. I think this is a good book for 3 - 7 year olds. I like this book because the rabbit forgets things.

Review by Isabell, age 6 - Ottery St Mary Library

Plop City - RichemontPlop City,

Reviewed by Isabella, age 6 - Ottery St Mary Library

Plop City was a good book because the words repeat themselves over again.

Erin the Firebird Fairy, Daisy MeadowsAmy, age 8 - Dawlish LibraryErin the Firebird Fairy, by Daisy Meadows

Reviewed by Amy, age 8 - Dawlish Library

Jack Frost's naughty goblins have stolen the magical animals but they've manage to escape to the human world. Can Erin find Giggles the Firebird with Rachel and Kirsty's help and take him home to Fairyland?

My favourite character is Giggles the Firebird because he has the magic power of humour and laughs. Sometimes he slaps too much humour into a joke!

The only thing I'd change? Rachel and Kirsty could have been looking for magical things.

I give this book 10/10.