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Sometimes, people, it is just a good idea to get out of the sun and curl up with a book and a drink. I have been busy poking my long nose into lots of books so I can give you some great reading ideas for the summer break. You know there are so many more at your local library, of course, so why not take a look?

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Here's my latest selection of recommended reads.

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Do Not Enter the Monster Zoo - Amy Sparkes

Amy SPARKES: Do Not Enter the Monster Zoo

Can you imagine what might happen in a zoo full of monsters when the keeper isn’t there? Thankfully there is a one little boy there who must keep them all under control. Read this book and enjoy its lively illustrations and fabulous imaginary words and you should find out what happened!

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Lulu and the Caterpillars - Hilary McKay

Hilary MCKAY: Lulu and the Caterpillars

This a gentle story for younger readers, ideal for the time of year when the cold weather is behind us. Lulu finds 27 caterpillars and decides to look after them, knowing they will turn into beautiful butterflies.

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The Howling Inferno - Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore

Steve BARLOW & Steve SKIDMORE: The Howling Inferno (Action Dogs series)

If you enjoy action and yet more action with lots of jokes thrown in, this could be the book for you. Our heroes who fight crime with their bare paws have to act fast to save the world famous painting Bona Lisa from falling into the clutches of all-round baddie and crime lord Katmanchew.  Phew!

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Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe

Daniel DEFOE: Robinson Crusoe

This is a famous story which was first published way back in 1719 (although the ones in the libraries are a bit newer than this) and features an Englishman trapped on a faraway desert island for many years. It is an imaginative survival story and shows how people learn to cope with difficult circumstances.

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Plant - David Burnie

David BURNIE: Plant - non-fiction J580

As it’s nearly spring, it is the perfect time to learn a bit more about the plant world. This book covers a lot of this subject and gives some clear explanations of plant-y things...with some great pictures. There are a number of other books like this in your library to search for- maybe you could find out a bit more about the plants that grow here in Devon.

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