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English Men of Letters: The Life of Thomas Gray

English Men of Letters: The Life of Thomas Gray, by Edmund Gosse, 1882English Men of Letters: The Life of Thomas Gray
by Edmund Gosse, 1882

Prior to opening in its current building in 1965, Exeter Library was based in the City Library building next door. Exeter was heavily bombed during the Blitz of 1942; thankfully, a lot of the books were moved out of the library before the bombing started but a lot heavy damage was sustained to the books and resources that were left. The Life of Thomas Gray by Edmund Gosse was found in the Librarian’s Office on 4th May 1942.  No other book survived.

To protect it from further damage the book was wrapped in brown paper and string, a state in which it has remained ever since. The damage sustained to this title is an intrinsic part of its history and the story of Exeter Library through the years; full restoration therefore is not the aim with this book. By adopting this title you could contribute to a bespoke, protective presentation box that will allow people to view it without it sustaining further damage.

Funding required for restoration:  £107.00 - Adopted in full by KOR Communications

  • Bespoke, drop-backed presentation box
  • Cushioned supports to allow the book to keep its tears and folds intact

Gosse, English Men of Letters  Gosse - English Men of Letters