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A Natural History of Insects

Albin - A Natural History of InsectsA Natural History of Insects
by Eleazar Albin
published in 1720

Eleazar Albin was an English naturalist and watercolourist illustrator who wrote and illustrated a number of books including A Natural History of English Insects in 1720.

Albin was an well-respected  artist, and based his Natural History of English Insects on careful observation. He prided himself on his visual accuracy, stating in his introduction that his drawings were copied after life, unlike those of other illustrators, who "either did not look often enough at their Pattern, or affected to make the Picture outdo Nature". The work was published with black and white copper plates, which could be coloured on request by the author. His description of the cabbage white includes all stages of its life cycle, from caterpillar via chrysalis to butterfly, what they like to eat, and how to control them.

The stunning images in this book deserve to be more widely seen, the adoption of this titles therefore is essential as it will enable the re-attachment of the front cover and the repair of the spine and corners.

Funding required for restoration: £170.00

  • Replace spinal leather. This book is very fragile, but as much of the original as possible will be saved
  • Add new glues and linings
  • Repair corners
  • Feed leather with dressing

Albin - A Natural History of Insects Albin - A Natural History of Insects