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19th Century British Pamphlets Online

19th Century British Pamphlets Online - Available from any Devon County Council public library

Includes some of the most significant collections of 19th century pamphlets held in UK research libraries, and focuses on the political, economic and social issues that fuelled the great Parliamentary debates and controversies of the 19th century.

Go to www.jstor.org/action/showJournals?browseType=collectionInfoPage&selectCollection=britpam

Title Date Range
Bristol Selected Pamphlets 1800-1899
Cowen Tracts 1603-1898
Earl Grey Pamphlets Collection 1800-1900
Foreign and Commonwealth Office Collection 1545-1900
Hume Tracts 1769-1890
Knowsley Pamphlet Collection 1792-1868
LSE Selected Pamphlets 1800-1899
Manchester Selected Pamphlets 1799-1900
Wilson Anti-Slavery Collection 1761-1900

Please note that although access is provided by JSTOR, Devon Libraries does not have access to any other JSTOR content other than 19th Century British Pamphlets, which is a free resource.