Computers Adapted for Specific Needs - PC+

All library computers run Windows 7 and Office 2010. Library computers have accessibility options including magnification, on screen narrator and keyboard, plus tools to assist in use of the mouse.

Every library computer also has Communicate: In Print 2 which enables you to create, signs, labels and posters using a range of recognised images using the Widgit symbol set.

The following libraries have computers that can be used by people with sensory or movement disabilities:

Barnstaple               BidefordCreditonDartmouth
ExeterExmouth               Kingsbridge               Newton Abbot

Each computer has a large screen, adapted keyboard and a large trackerball mouse which can be used with hands or feet. The computers sit on adjustable tables which give room for wheelchairs and also have adjustable chairs and a lap tray.

For further information on writing with symbols including a small selection of sample sets please see - Learning Disability > Total Communication Symbols