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The Place Survey

What is the Place Survey

The Place Survey is a national survey carried out by local authorities across the country.  The survey was conducted in the autumn of 2008 and was recently published by the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) in June 2009.  It provides 18 Local Area Agreements (LAA) National Indicators for the Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA).

Place Survey Conference

On Thursday 12th November 2009, Devon County Council's Strategic Intelligence unit hosted a conference entitled; "What Matters - using information to prioritise in tough times".  The aim of this conference was to outline the importance of customer satisfaction across a wide range of organisations.  Details from this conference are available here.

Top Findings for Devon

Results for the whole of Devon as a county, show the following top findings:

  • The County is ranked as 3rd out of 152 upper tier authorities (Unitaries, Metropolitan Boroughs, London Boroughs and County Councils) for the provision of unpaid care
  • Overall 'satisfaction with place' ranks Devon as 5th throughout the country
  • 'Belonging to a neighbourhood' see Devon feature as 9th in the country
  • Devon responses show Devon as 87th for people feeling 'able to influence local decisions'

What is Important v What Needs Improving

Results from the Place Survey allow Devon County Council to identify those areas that respondents feel are important, it also allows the council to identify areas throughout Devon that need improving.  A summary of these results can be seen in the table below:

What's Important v What Needs Improving

Place Survey Results Summary

The table below shows a number of the key findings from the Place Survey for Devon, and give a national comparison for each key point as well as a rank (out of 151 upper tier authorities).

England Devon Rank
Local public services are working to make the area greener and cleaner % a great deal / to some extent 66.5 71.1 26
Local public services treat all types of people fairly % a great deal / to some extent 70.8 73.8 28
How satisfied are you with local bus services % very/ fairly satisfied 55.2 49.7 109
Overall, how satisfied are you with your local area as a place to live? % very /fairly satisfied 79.7 87.7 7
How safe do you feel outside in your local area after dark % very safe / fairly safe 50.9 67.8 5
How strongly do you feel you belong to your immediate neighbourhood? % very / fairly strongly 58.7 66.0 9
Do you agree or disagree that you can influence decisions affecting your local area? % definitely / tend to agree% 28.9 27.9 87
Would you like to be more involved in the decisions that affect your local area? % definitely / tend to agree 26.6 24.1 117
How often over the past 12 months have you given unpaid help to group(s)/ club(s) or organisation(s)? % given help at least once a month 23.2 31.2 3

Devon Town Focus - What's Important

Further analysis of the Place Survey results at the local level, gives an more in depth view of those issues that are of importance to the residents of each of the 29 Devon Town Areas (DTAs).

What is Important for Devon Towns

Place Survey Reports

The Strategic Intelligence team will be producing individual reports for each of the 29 Devon Town Areas.  These can be accessed below.  An interactive map of the key results for the Devon Town areas is also available.

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