GovMetric is a tool for us to better understand how you feel about the service we provide on our website as well as via our Customer Service Centre and some of our Libraries.

On every page of our website (usually at the bottom of the page), we offer a simple way for you to rate that page using 'faces'.

The Govmetric 'faces' logo

It's an effective and simple way for us to find out what works and what doesn't, and what needs to be improved.

When you rate a page, you also have the option to provide further information - this ensures we concentrate on areas most in need of improvement or lets us know where we are getting things right. We look at every comment we receive and we look at how we can respond or take action as soon as we can.

Sometimes we can make simple changes straight away (fix a broken link or amend some text), but other times your feedback may require us to do quite a bit of work before we can make things better.