Child Protection

Fair Processing

Sharing information

We hold personal data about children we are providing services for. We are required to pass this data on to the Department for Education (DfE) as part of the annual Children in Need Census.

If a MASH enquiry is received for your child, professionals working as part of the MASH will share any information they hold which may have relevant to the enquiry. We do this to make sure that an appropriate, timely and informed decision is made by the social care manager about any services your child may require.

Only the minimum information will be held in the MASH team and will only be shared when absolutely necessary. The information will be stored securely on CareFirst 6, which is Devon County Council's electronic social care record.

Fair Processing

Sharing information about individuals is often necessary if we are to keep people safe, or ensure they get the best services they need. There are several laws which govern how we can store and share information and from these we have developed our own Code of Practice. The code provides a framework for sharing children and young people’s information in Devon, which ensures that any sharing that takes place, is necessary, proportionate, relevant, accurate, secure and timely.

Individuals have a right under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 to be told whether any information is held about them and a right to receive a copy of that information (subject to exemptions), providing that they put their request in writing, enclose proof of their identity and explain what information they are requesting.

If you require access to personal data relating to you held by or under control of an organisation, please use the contact details provided in the ‘Your Information’ leaflet on the Devon Children’s Trust website for the relevant organisation.