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Devon Access Wallet

How does the scheme work

Photo showing the inside of wallet

The access wallet contains plastic pockets into which words can be placed to describe where the passenger would like to go, e.g. city centre.
In addition there may be a picture or photo to help both staff and the passenger know where they need to get off (see example left).

Other information or questions to help make the journey easier for the passenger can also be placed into the wallet.  These could include:

  • Single or return fare please
  • Can you please let me know when we get to my stop?
  • Which platform do I catch my train from?
  • Emergency contact details

Who can have an access wallet?

Any person who has a disability, learning or communication difficulties, who is deaf or whose first language is not English may have an access wallet.

When can you use your access wallet?

You can use the access wallet at any time of the day, 7 days a week.

Where can you use your access wallet?

You can use the access wallet on any bus service in Devon and any First Great Western train service.

Does the access wallet give you free or discounted travel on the bus or train?

The access wallet does not give you free or discounted travel. If you are over 60 or disabled you may be entitled to free bus travel in Devon or a Senior or Disabled Persons rail card.