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The Invovlement & Equalities Team comes under the Social Care Commissioning part of Devon County Council and exists to ensure that those people who receive adult social care services get the chance to inform the commissioning and provision of those services. We work closely with our NHS commissioning colleagues and try to undertake joint work whenever possible.

In the fast-changing world of health and social care we do our best to identify meaningful opportunities for the lived experiences and views of people receiving services to influence how those services are changed, delivered and monitored – and how people are assessed as being eligible for social care support.

Our involvement activity therefore takes many forms. These include broad-brush surveys, issue-based focus groups, individual interviews, involvement in the tendering process and seats for service users on management and strategic boards, up to and including the Health and Wellbeing Board.

Our Team consists of the following officers who you can contact if you require further information not covered by these web pages:

Paul Giblin - Involvement Manager -

Kathryn Bird - Senior Involvement Officer (Adults) -

Sally O'Donnell - Involvement Officer -

Joint Engagement Board

The Joint Engagement Baord (JEB) meets four times a year to ensure that consultations on health and social care issues are shared with as many stakeholders as possible.

Healthwatch consumer voice and gateway

Since April 2013 Healthwatch Devon has been commissioned by DCC as the statutory independent consumer voice for health and social care. The Healthwatch Board of Trustees determines its own priorities for investigation, based on issues raised by the public, local strategic priorities and national developments. In Devon we also commission Healthwatch to provide a ‘gateway’ service for Health and social care commissioners to use when they wish to undertake local engagement activities.

Healthwatch Devon website

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