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Genealogy for Beginners

Genealogy for Beginners

Genealogy for Beginners

(Karen Proudfoot)

Ancestry-tracing is fun; it brings history to life and it gives a greater sense of personal identity. Our ancestors become real people, part of each of them still living in us, their descendants. They may have been ordinary, blue-blooded or famous, but whatever they were the search itself is rewarding; while the satisfaction of knowing is permanent and a proper source of pride.

Tracing a family history and gradually constructing one’s one unique pedigree is an absorbing hobby, a never-ending detective investigation. This book tells the beginner exactly how to set about it: how to collect information from living relatives, how to make full use of all existing clues and traditions, how and where to find written records and what information they can be expected to provide as well as the likely problems that may be encountered and possible ways to solve them.

Format: Paperback, 13.7 x 21.2 cm, 126 pages

© Karen Proudfoot, 2003

ISBN: 978-1-86077-268-9

Price: £8.99