Public Safety & Emergencies

Fire & Rescue

The Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service provides efficient arrangements for:

  • Provision of a fire brigade and equipment
  • Training of personnel
  • Dealing with calls for assistance
  • Obtaining information for firefighting purposes
  • Minimising damage as a result of fire
  • Giving fire safety advice

The fire safety activities of Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service are a combination of legal requirements, goodwill advice and the continuing process of education. The ultimate objective of which is a fire safe environment.

Fire Safety Officers throughout the county give advice and / or make requirements in respect of a wide range of premises including hotels and boarding houses, and places of work such as offices, shops and factories.

Every Firefighter is a community fire safety officer. Their aim is to reduce fires, casualties and fatalities through education and pro-active campaigns.

For more information visit the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service website.