Fees and Charges

Media Fees

1st April 2017 - 31st March 2018

Music CDs

Hire charge per week or partAdult/Over 65/ Under 18    Overdue charges (all borrowers)
1 or sets of 2 items


10p per day (maximum £2.00)

Sets of 3 or more items


15p per day (maximum £3.00)

Disabled (including young)
1st 3 weeks free, then normal daily charge

Audiobooks (CDs and cassettes)

Adult/Over 65/ Under 18
Hire charge for 3 weeks

1 or sets of 2 items


Sets of 3 or more items


Children's titles


Overdue charges (all borrowers)

Adult: 25p per day
Over 65/Disabled: 15p per day
5 - 17: 3p per day

Disabled (including under 18)

As book loans, free for 3 weeks and up to 3 renewals


All borrowers (DVDs may not be hired on under 16 tickets).

Hire charge for 1 week

Overdue charges

General interest


30p per day (maximum £6.00)

Special interest


20p per day (maximum £4.00)

Sets of 4 or more items


50p per day (maximum £10.00)

Music Sets and Playsets

Hire charge All borrowers
Music: orchestral/vocal (per set)£6.00 per month
Music: vocal scores, libretti (10 copies)£4.00 per month
Playsets£2.00 (appliable from 1st day of loan)

Penalty for sets returned late or with parts/copies missing £10.00

Play set Ordering Service

Please visit Music and Play set Service for more information.