Fees and Charges


1st April 2016 - 31st March 2017


Standard charges will apply for certain categories of display, as detailed below. The rate of charge quoted is that current at the date of adoption of these Terms and Conditions, and will be reviewed annually as part of Devon Library and Information Services' normal Fees and Charges review process. In the case of displays not falling clearly into one of the categories below, the decision of the Head of Library and Information Services is final

A: Exempted categories

No charge will be made for the following, provided there is no advertising or selling of goods:

Displays organised or invited by Devon Library and Information Services

Devon County Council directorates

Official consultation exercises carried out by local or national government

Maintained schools

Local or national clubs, societies and organisations

Amateur art / craft groups not selling goods or accepting orders. Note: because of the requirement for contact details to be displayed (see Responsibility Statement above), an explicit statement is required to the effect that the items are not for sale and orders will not be taken. In the absence of such a statement, the display will be deemed to be chargeable under category B (see below)

Non-commercial art / craft demonstrations with no implicit or overt sales of goods or services

B: Basic charge

The following scale of charges will apply per week or part of a week to the categories detailed below:

Exeter Central Library: £100

Barnstaple Library: £75

Branch libraries: £50

Independent schools

Health centres / groups where any or all of the services promoted are private

Tourist attractions

Individual art / craft workers or amateur art / craft groups selling items or accepting orders.

Art / craft groups and individuals may choose instead to pay 20% commission on all sales / orders plus VAT. In such instances, a refundable deposit of 20% of the above rates may be required before the booking take place.

Where very small display areas are used or where the display is for one or two days only, a proportion of the above charge may be waived at the discretion of the local librarian, subject to a minimum charge of £10. In some libraries a fixed lower rate may apply for small defined areas such as wallcases.

C: Commercial charge

Companies, business, or other organisations selling goods or services, not covered by the definitions above, will be charged double the above rates, without the commission option.


If selling goods or services, the hirer or his / her representative will be wholly responsible for sales and for the securing of any takings.

Payment terms

All hire fees must be paid in advance, within 2 weeks of Devon Library and Information Services' acceptance of the hiring, failing which the hiring may be cancelled. Any required deposit for commission based bookings must be paid before the display takes place, and a written statement of total sales / orders or nil sales / orders sent to the library within four weeks of the end of the display period. The hirer will then be invoiced for 20% commission on sales plus VAT and the deposit returned. If no return is received within four weeks, the deposit will not be refunded.