Facts, figures and statistics

Devon Facts and Figures

Devon Facts and Figures brings together a range of statistics, gleaned from a number of sources, about the people of Devon, their social, employment, and economic circumstances, and the commercial and natural environment in which they live. It is intended to be a starting point for informing the people of Devon and to help researchers, planners, policy makers, commerce and industry in their searches for data.

The site is broken down into various sections to help you find the information you are looking for more easily.  Data are regularly being added to the site, so if you cannot find what you are looking for please send an email as it may be available elsewhere.

2011 Census
The first results from the 2011 Census

About the county
Information about the size of the county and its geography

The people
Data relating to Devon's population

The economy
The level of unemployment, retail price index and other factors affecting the economy

The natural environment
Information about Devon's landscape

Education and training
Examination results for GCSE and A level students

Social issues and deprivation
Figures for indices of deprivation and benefit claimants

Housing and the built environment
Information about how many houses there are in Devon, their price and type of ownership

How many cars there are in the county and the length of road they use

Equality and diversity
Infomation based around equality and diversity

Community safety
The number of crimes committed in Devon and fires attended by the Fire Service

Devon town profiles
29 profiles structured around a series of themes to cover social, economic and environmental well being.

District/Unitary Profiles
Profiles provided at District/Unitary level including Health, Sports, Environment, Place Survey and Mosaic.

Place Survey results
The results for Devon from the national Place Survey

Devonomics is a new website set up by Devon County Council which provides an overview and in-depth analysis of Devon’s economy and assesses some of the key factors which are important to the County’s economic resilience.

Mosaic Profiles by Councillor Areas
Mosaic profiles by each of the 62 Devon Electoral Divisions.